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Can I make photo wallpapers according to my size?
Yes! Here are three ways to do this.
1. Choose a picture. Press the CALCULATE PRICE button. In the Width and Height boxes, enter the dimensions you need in centimeters. The system will process the image using the crop method. If you are not satisfied with the way the system crop the selected picture, move the cursor to the picture. Parādīsies simbols ar bultiņām uz četrām pusēm. Right-click and move the neckline to the position you want. If you want a black-and-white picture, press the "black and white" button, if you want to crop the picture in "mirror view" press the "mirror view" button. After you have corrected the image, select the material. Then put the item in the basket. Press the Change button. Read the rules. Click the checkbox for the rules. Press the "order" button. If you are not registered, sign up and complete your order.
2. Visit the section on Making Wallpapers. Choose the material. Enter your dimensions in height and width in centimeters. Fill in the application form with your name, contact details, shipping address. You must specify the Wallpaper code you want to resize in your notes. After confirming your order, you will receive an order application via email. Then you have to wait for our layout to process the image to your size and send a sample image to your email. Only after we receive confirmation that we will send you an invoice with the picture in order.
3. Send us an email request with picture code, customer information, desired height and width, contact information, shipping address.

Can I make a photo wallpaper from my picture?
Yes! For this you need to visit the section "Making photo wallpapers". Follow steps 2 and 3 in the previous answer. The picture must be added by clicking the "Choose File" button. If the picture does not fit, it could be due to the size of the picture (size too large). In such cases, we recommend using the link After viewing the picture, our specialists will give you an opinion on the quality of the picture and the size of your wallpaper.

Where else can you order your wallpapers?
You can do this with our partners:
Store "Tapetes" - Rīga, Madonas iela 27, Purvciems
Store "Sedumi" - Brīvības 301, Jēkabpils
"JUVAL", Store "Laura" - Rēzekne, Brīvības iela 12, 2.stāvs.

How long do you make the custom-made wallpaper?
We usually make wallpaper within 1-3 business days. Other products we offer may have longer lead times. For example, canvas. For specific production times, it is desirable to contact us directly for your order.

How are Komar, Ideal Decor and other wallpapers different from your own?
Komar and Ideal Decor wallpapers are made on paper. They are cheaper. Paper (and any other kind of smooth material) will highlight every small irregularity in the wall. It is not very easy to stick. When the paper soaks into the glue, it can start to rupture, as well as throw air bubbles and stumps. Consists of a relatively large number of parts, the picture may not match.

What to consider when ordering wallpapers?
The first and foremost is the color differences of the monitor. The colors you see on your monitor may vary from the colors on the wallpaper. Monitors have different color spectra, filters. Unfortunately, we cannot see the colors you see on your monitor. The difference is whether the monitor is glossy or matt. The colors may also differ from the angle you are looking at the monitor. Therefore, note that contrast and colors will vary. Colors can also be affected by the material. Yeah. If it is matte, they will certainly never be very bright. They will be a little dull. Only very bright colors can be on glossy or semi-glossy material. It should also be mentioned here that each material has its own characteristics just like humans and their desires. Read more about them. If you would like to receive material samples in your mailbox - request samples by sending us an email.
The second. In the picture. When you zoom in to about 3m, the contrast will never be as you see it on your monitor. The contours of the photo wallpaper at 3m will already be blurry. Of course. It depends on the picture. Contrast is also affected by the surface structure of the material. Sometimes people "seem" to see a city from afar, which you see on your computer monitor ideally on the wallpaper, we will see the same thing. It is a misconception. To see the same thing you see on your monitor, so that the size of the wallpaper is the same size as the monitor, so that what you see on the wallpaper is just as good as the picture you see on your monitor, the same with tree leaves, twigs and other small details on the picture.

Now about the materials
Which material to choose?
The saying goes, "Whoever likes it. One for the daughter, one for the other! "
The first. Ask yourself. What do you want to see on the wall? The very word photo wallpaper tells you that it is first and foremost a wallpaper where the image is transferred to the wallpaper material. Photo wallpapers cannot be compared to a small 10x15 cm photo or a backlit screen (TV, computer monitor, advertising light box) Just like monitors (matte, glossy), the color brightness varies. Consequently, the properties of the materials must be taken into account. ART/Fleece material - This is a material with excellent properties. The material has a matte finish with a slight texture. This material will be more useful for light type wallpapers, as its frosting on dark wallpapers gives the wallpaper a higher frosting. The material has a non-woven backing for easy and comfortable gluing. The material is relatively dense. We would even say the densest of the materials.

EVEN/Fleece material -This is a high quality material with excellent properties. The material has a semi-matt surface coating praktsiki smooth. Good color coverage. The wallpaper will be more vibrant, vibrant and juicy. The material has a non-woven backing for easy and comfortable gluing. However, it should be remembered that the smooth materials highlight the irregularities of the wall. The biggest plus of the material is that the material is smooth with virtually no structure.

BRUT/Fleece material - This is a high quality material with excellent properties. The material has a matt surface coating. Good color coverage. The wallpaper will be more vibrant, vibrant and juicy. The material has a non-woven backing for easy and comfortable gluing. The texture of the material resembles fine plaster. The biggest plus of the material is its small structure and weld.

The wallpapers we offer have been praised by builders, designers and many others. Mainly because of their excellent gluing properties and good print quality

Can the material be leveled, if there is a buildup?
Yes! The above materials come with a non-woven backing, so if you get a little wrinkle on the wallpaper before gluing it will even out when gluing. These qualities are often missing from other manufacturers materials, where every little bit will be visible. For paper materials, it is also very clear to see any grain that will not have slumped off the wall.

Why is there no smooth material in your offer?
They have more disadvantages than pluses. Plus - beautiful picture with bright colors and good contrast. Cons - After bonding, the joints are very visible. Wall irregularities stand out. The material shows the slightest fingerprint, dust, etc. Its price is much higher. We can also produce on a smooth material (with a non-woven backing) - price calculation on request

How your wallpaper was glued. Or edge to edge?
It is also possible to make wall-to-wall wallpaper. However, we certainly do not support this option. Because there is no guarantee that the stitches will be accurate when gluing the wallpaper. Therefore, the joint is formed by the cut-through method. This is the method used by professionals worldwide for sticking photo wallpapers. After the work of such masters it will be difficult to notice the joints. Therefore, each product has detailed instructions on how to properly glue our manufactured wallpaper in both Latvian and Russian. So far, everyone who has read the manual and followed it has successfully pasted the wallpaper. It is this type of jointing that ensures accuracy even when the wall changes in reliefs

Do you need to paint the wall, cabinets, shelves and other things in the interior before or after you apply the wallpaper? It is best to order a wallpaper and then choose the color you want. When choosing a shade, think about the color of the wall under your photo wallpaper. When looking for a shade, keep the same color tone cube underneath the material and then try to match the shade from the color palette. If the wall is white primed, you can stay at the bottom simply white sheet.

How big should the picture be?
First of all, you need to know what size wallpaper you need. It is clear that if you find a 10x15cm picture on the internet, it will be impossible to make a 2x3m photo wallpaper. As practice shows, high quality photo wallpapers can be made from 10-20MP pictures. But it is not decisive either. Other factors are also very important. Whether a tripod is used in the picture-taking process or a photograph taken "out of hand". What lens was used. What is in the picture. Remote or close-up. Trees, grass, leaves. A subject or point is in focus. However, this does not apply to vector format files. File types can be different JPG, TIF, BMP, PSD, EPS. Image quality can be affected by a variety of factors. Therefore, it is easiest to send us a picture to Our experts will appreciate it and give their opinion.

Are all pictures from paid databases of good quality?
No! If you choose a picture from a paid database, the first thing to look for - picture parameters! But not always the picture parameters reflect the quality of the picture. There are many factors to consider - how good and talented a photographer is, what technique and optics he has used, what he has focused on, and so on. Frequently purchased pictures need to be corrected and their quality may not always meet the customers quality requirements. There are also pictures where nothing can be corrected. It is different with vector graphics. It is computer-drawn. But they will never be live pictures.

Can you recommend a database of birds-eye views of Latvia?
Yes! A great database is for photographer Mihaiam Ignatam. You can buy them
Kārļa iela 2-4, Valmiera LV-4201
Phone: +371 26578856 vai +371 26460211.

Do you make glass panels between kitchen cabinets?
We produce! For glass panels we use 4-10 mm thick tempered glass with polished edges. If necessary, cut-out sockets and mounting holes are provided. These glass panels are made to specific dimensions. Tempered glass is 10 times stronger than ordinary glass. We also recommend that you create an image on the panel that will not only bring color and a great accent to your kitchen, but will also prevent insects from drifting between the glass and your wall, settling for dust and misting the glass. We are unable to send you the glass panels by courier - therefore they can only be received in Valmiera or delivered by our transport. We can carry out the glass panel survey as well as delivery to your address - send a price request to or visit our website We also offer to make pictures on films, which you can glue your own glass panels (picture behind the glass).